Thursday, July 22, 2010

He's leaving....

......for good, SOON.

without even telling me.
without even saying goodbye.

when will i ever see you again?
when will i ever hear your voice again?

not even a call before you go back?
what am i worth to you after all these years?

i dont want much.... i just wanna meet you for the last time.
just for the last time.

to thank you, for everything you've done for me.
to thank you, for taking such a good care for me.

for listening to my crabby story endlessly... without even getting bored.
for tolerating my childish attitude and playing along with me.
for putting me back from pieces.

i miss calling you B.
i miss calling you Little Boy.
i miss calling you Crabby.

..........i miss being your Little Girl.

Ya Allah,
Aku mohon, kuatkan hatiku. tabahkan jiwaku.
untuk aku lupakan dia. untuk aku terus hidup tanpa naungannya.

Ya Allah,
berikan dia yg terbaik.
berikan dia kasih sayang yg melimpah.
berikan dia perempuan penyayang.
berikan dia hidup yg bahagia.
berikan dia kesenangan dalam apa saja.

give him your best shot.

oh shit,
tasha fuck it. stop crying u fool! STOP!


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