Friday, July 30, 2010



i want a new life.
a brand new life.

i want to forget him, real fast.
as fast as him forgetting me.
and got himself a new girlfriend.

it sucks....
when all the poem that used to be mine, are now written for that girl.
when that little boy that i used to hug and kiss, are not there anymore.

but thank god that...
HE always send me an angel when i'm down.
and this time, it's Jack.

it'll take time for me to heal.
yes, i am a slow healer.
damn slow.

in fact, i was never healed.
whenever i think of it back, i cried my heart out.
i never forget them, never ever want to forget them.
because they're the greatest thing god had given me.

can i ask you a question Jack?

do you like me or do you love me?
do you adore me that much or is it just a phase that will stop eventually?

are you willing to wait for me?
even if it takes forever for me to heal?



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