Monday, April 13, 2009

Plans Plans Plans...

time: 1:33a.m.
venue: home
mood: well, just + -
currently: just finish my dinner!

i'm so sorry that i dont have the urge of updating my blog nowadays. Why? i'm just hiding from this world. i stayed at home most of the time, eat junk food, play stupid games and i've been doing lots and lots of THINKING lately. well, it doesnt really sounds like me, does it? i'm really worried Endy. worried of everything. scared of everything. i'm such a pathetic loser now! i have nothing to be proud of myself. my greatest fear is to be in the same group as all those pathetic people in life. people who doesnt have goal in life, going through work like a robot, come back home feeling irritated about their job, and worst of all, they think that they have the greatest stuff among their friends and ACTUALLY feel proud about it.

YES. PATHETIC. that's what i call it. i can give you a long list of blog which matches this word. am i being one of them? SHIT! i dont want to be that pathetic. i really have to do something in life. something that will make my brother say, FUCK YOU, SIS! lol... i mean in a good way. makes them jealous that my life is much better than them. well, we fight for everything anyway. even for a single channel, will make us argue till my mom turns into a big monster! dad will always be the referee. and referee usually win! how? errr.... he took the remote and change it to National Geographic channel. Booooringgggg.... watching monkey swinging and how elephant walk. what can i say, that's his favorite channel besides those documentary channel that i've forgotten the name. any idea? lol...

i'm going back to Penang in 2 weeks time. i'm gonna stay there for about 2 months. i dont know what to do yet. to get a job during this crisis is not a good idea. they're only willing to pay fresh graduate around RM1200 to RM1500. err... my mom gave me twice the salary. it just doesnt worth it for i knew that they're gonna make me stay back in office doing extra work and go back extra late! i should really start my e-commerce business real soon. most probably after Eid. for now, i'm in my research phase. also, building my website frame. called few friends to join me. i think it'll be fun!

errr Endy, i think i will stop now. i'm feeling kinda bored now. i wanna continue my game! oh ya.. for those who loves adventure game, i suggest Art of Murder 2 as your latest collection! see ya, Endy! i love you, pal!


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