Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 days before boarding...

time:12:20 p.m.
venue: a place i called home.
mood: sad
currently: counting days!

he's leaving me on 26th this month. he advice me to go back to Penang. he said it's better to be with my family rather than being alone here in KL. yes, this is the only reason why i'm still here in KL. if it's not because of him, i'm already back in Penang. but now, KL is where i call home. i'm starting a new life here. but life is just treating me badly. it's really hard to get a job with proper pay during this stupid crisis. so, he told me to go back while he was away and stay there for 2 months until he comes back.

i dont know why i'm so worried about this vacation. as if i'm not gonna see him anymore. it's not that i dont trust him. it's just that i'm worried that everything will happen once again. i'm having a very bad phobia with airport. the place i hate the most in my entire life! airport always crush my heart. if possible, i will avoid going to airport. i really hate that place. KLIA! shitty place! i hate you KLIA! you sucks!

today is already 16th. means in 10 days we will be separated. first time in this 1 year of relationship. i dont know bout others, but for me, distance is love greatest enemy. i've been through long distance relationship. i knew it. such pain and sorrow. it's not delightful at all! relationship is about two person in love being together, not separated. yes, people will be telling me that our heart stays together, bla bla bla. my ass! easy for you to say! why dont you try it yourself. thousand miles away from the person you long the most. the only person you dare to share stuff that you dont even share with your own mother. it's really tough.

well... we have a lot of shopping to do before going back to Penang. oh ya, we're driving back to Penang. oppss... correction, I'M driving back to Penang, he's just sitting beside me sleeping! lol... he have to buy lots of stuff for his family. shoes, bag, make up, perfume, handphone, what else? i've forgotten. lol... let's just put here... STUFF! haha... i hope we could enjoy this whole week before we leave KL. we dont even celebrate our one year anniversary yesterday because he's too busy studying for exam. in fact, now he's in exam hall doing his paper. i hope he did his best. i want him to get at least 3A for this semester.

so, what do i wanna do this week? first of all, i have to go to Lambada company to claim my free Bluetooth headset. then i wanna go to my fav restaurant, Tarbush. i wanna eat the garlic sauce! i like it better than Hummus! lol... i think i should go to KLCC one. so that i can go shopping after that. lol...

oppss... i have something important to talk to my friend... he just came online... talk to you later kay! bye!

feeling bad,

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