Sunday, February 26, 2012

A life lesson from Fazlin.

I met an old friend.
Last time i saw her was 12 years ago.
She was recently married to a very nice man.
That man was her classmate back in high school.

From what I've heard...
she doesn't really go through the process of "relationship".
They were casually meeting up and going out as friend. (correct me if i'm wrong)
Decided to get married on 31st December 2011.
Now, she's pregnant.

My observation,
She look happier than ever.
Still being herself, the girl i used to know 12 years ago.
The stories she told me was really really funny.

She complaint bout her in-laws, her husband being hopeless-romantic, etc.
But if you see the glow on her face, the endless happiness in her eyes...
There's no words that could elaborate those feelings.

I envy her.
She's lucky.

but... to think of it.
Maybe that is the way?
Stop the relationship crap.
Be casual, and, when the time comes, tie the knot.

P/s: Fazlin, only god knows how happy I am for you. You've found happiness. You've settled down like totally. CONGRATULATIONS! Also, Thank you for opening my eyes, that happiness could be that simple.


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AkU said...

sweet !! sincere congratz...


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