Saturday, December 11, 2010

I am Tasha Leow.

I want to be her. 
I don't want to be Ace.

I want to be that Tasha who used to be happy.
I want to be that Tasha who used to be ignorance.
I want to be that Tasha who never care bout feelings.
I want to be that Tasha who love herself more than anything.

I want to stop bothering people's life.
I want to stop wondering bout others.
I want to stop being so gloomy everyday.
I want to stop being so predictable to others.

I think it's decision time.
I think i can go through this on my own.
I think Jack deserve to be free.
I think he can do better without me.

But how?
How do i do this?

I love him dearly.
I miss him dearly.

Maybe i'm being too clingy.
Maybe i'm being too weak.

Come on Tasha.
You can do this.
You've done it with Medo.
You can do it with Jack.

Stop bothering him.
Stop running to him.

You can solve your own stuff.
You can be yourself once again.
You can stand up like you used to be.
You can be the person i used to know.

Try your best Tasha.
For what it's worth.

Where is that Tasha Leow?
Who used to be so powerful.
Holding every single piece of her life.
Drawing every single path of her life.
Like there's no tomorrow.

P/s: Help me, being myself. Be that Tasha who didn't need a man in her life. That Tasha who just call her guy once a week. Giving him enough space to breath, and to live his own private life. GOOD LUCK Tasha.

I miss myself,
Tasha Leow

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