Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 months...

It's been 5 months.

I hope we'll be better.
I hope we grew stronger.
I hope we understand each other.
I hope you know that i just want to be together.

I've missed you at a point.
I've hated you at some point.
I've love you at a high point.
I've hope for you at that point.

I'm sorry.
For I've been such a mess.
With all my stupid attitude.
I guess, i was just being a woman.

Naturally complicated to understand.
Unpredictable feelings and attitude.
High expectation on the man I love.
Being so needy and clingy lately.

I just need you right now.
I'm going through a very tough process of my life.
Shits that i hate to admit that i'm really fucked up.
All i wanted is to be successful and shits happen.

5 months.
Happiness that we share.
Sorrow that we share.

Every single moment.
Every single routine.
Every single experience.
Every little thing.

That makes us.....US.
That Ace and Jack.
You're my Jack.
I'm your Ace.

I'm happy.
I'm honoured.
I'm pleased.

To be yours.
Just yours.
I'm yours.

Just sometimes,
I think you cross my limit.
You've cross that border.
That tested my patience.
and of course my love.

When i need you.... you're not there.
When i want to talk to you.... you're not interested.
When i try to make you understand..... we're just not on the same page.

I love you, Jack.
And I'm the kinda person who BELIEVES in love.
And i believe we're meant to be together, forever.
That's the reason why i accepted you 5 months ago.

What I hope in the future is,
For you to put some effort for me.
For you to show that you love me.
Not just a word or promises.

You're so stiff. 
Yes, you are.

I'm sorry to say,
That other man takes care of me better than you do.
That other man makes me feel comfortable to talk to.
That other man really make effort to show that they love me.

I'm not comparing.
I don't even want to compare.
Because they're nobody in my life.
Just some man trying to win my heart.

The thing is,
My heart belongs to you.
I just hope you could show me.
That you really TREASURE me as your girl.



Whatever it is,
Happy 5 months anniversary ;)

I love my Jack.

P/s: Please don't take this as a sad note. I'm just concluding the whole 5 months. What happen between us. Nothing sad right now. I'm fine and I'm perfectly happy right now.

Your Ace,
Tasha Leow

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