Friday, September 05, 2008

Time: 10.32 a.m.
Venue: One World Solution office
Mood: Bored
Condition: Sleepy
Currently: Waiting for work!

I'm freaking bored now. since i have free time now.. let me occupy you with updates that i never have time to write months ago! well... as everybody know, i'm now doing my internship which is also my final semester. i met my parents the other day and they urge me to pursue my degree. i told them that i'm not gonna study unless it's Photography! Yes, you can call me stubborn for i dont care whatever it is! what i know is... studying multimedia in Malaysia is useless! frankly speaking, i dont see any advantage studying multimedia here... i can say 80% of what they teach in classes is like basic (and i mean basic) knowledge. i believe all of us dont even need a lecturer for this diploma (exception of 2-3 subject)!

ok2... i will stop complaining on college! since i'm out of there now! hehe... so.. my workplace is kinda good. i mean... you know that i've change my company right? before this i was working in one malay company that run business base on events. you know how stressful it is right? the boss is freaking stupid and he knows nothing bout design, yet he wanna argue with me bout it. he yell and curse me lots of time. i was quiet because i dont want to cause trouble. he's lucky that i came there under my friend name. ok.. another stupid chapter of my life that i should forget!

so, working here under Kash, my boss and Boi, my senior designer is kinda fun. well, it's a publication world so i have to bare with the fact that we have to stayback end of the month to make sure the magazine is printed and distributed the next month! well, not really our fault if we cant manage to finish it on time. the writer gave us last minute article. so, who to be blame? frankly, i dont know! here, my job is basically designing the pages, ads and websites. for now, since i'm new, they dont dare to gamble the main acticle yet for me! hehe... the boring part of this job is the starting of the months, like this week. freaking boring because there's no article yet. yeah, we redesign some ads and pages, but still, i can say during this 4 days working for this week, i have done only redesigning websites interface and Surf ad.

sometimes i feel lucky because my internship is during ramadan... i came to work around 9.30 and go back around 5.30. so, i go back 1 hour earlier! hehehe... from what i learn, this company never gave them to go back early last year. so, i took the initiative to ask Kash. well, he's being an understanding boss allowing us to go back 1 hour earlier. as for me, they said that if i wanna go back at 4.30, then i have to come at 9. i will start coming at 9 next week. there's no point coming early to office while i dont have any job. it's freaking boring ok!

yesterday when i came back home, it was already 6.30. it was quite jammed since KL was raining. once i reach home, first thing i do is crawl up to bed and sleep. Medo wake me up around 7 and we went out for break fast. he didnt eat anything and i dont know why. maybe he dont like the food. after breaking our fast, we went to Giant Kinrara to buy stuff for our kitchen. we bought lotssssssss of stuff! hehehe... now we dont have to go out anymore. just stay at home and cook! happy! this means i can fully utilize my weekend for sleeping and playing games!

today i'm not gonna cook for breaking fast since i'm gonna send the car right after work. i'm just gonna go back by train. i think it's better since it only takes around 1 and 1/2 hours. the good thing is i dont need to drive! i can just sleep in the train! hehehehe... maybe i'm gonna eat in Masjid Jamek later. lots of malay food there. i miss malay food and i miss Penang.

oh, speaking of Penang, i'm gonna go back to Penang next week to get my brand new black Viva. my mom is arranging the document now so i just need to wait for a week. then the document will be done! yay! i dont have to borrow my uncle's car anymore. i'm so sick of taking and sending the car in weekend. it's seriously tiring. it's not near ok. my uncle's house is even further than my office. from Bukit Jalil to my office in Wangsa Maju already take 1/2 an hour(the fastest) and to my uncle will approximately take 1 hour tp reach!

ok Endy,
they gave me work already! finally!!! yay! gtg!


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Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Hi Natasha,

So whats next? Pursue your degree as what your parents wants you to do or ....?

What ever it's, good luck to you.



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