Friday, June 08, 2012

Studying studying dying...

For some reason, the word studying have the word dying in it. lol. oh yes, i am a dedicated student now. yeah, laugh! oh yes, i know you're still laughing. 

Serious shit, i've changed. i'm seriously dedicating my life towards my studies. it's been a week i didnt even get out from my house. i moved in into my new home last friday, and the last time i went out is on saturday! it's been campus-home-campus-home journey for me. i gotta go out!! i dont know either i'm bad in time management or the workload just wont stop. checklist keep piling up and i feel like i'm drowning. 

I'm gonna have lunch with Teri and Jason tomorrow at Seoul Garden. i seriously need to make this happen. i gotta GO OUT! i need it for my sanity. i'm even planning to get stuck at home this weekend to finish up my magazine layout! arghhh i'm going insane. another 2 years of this craziness. 

to parents out there.....

whenever your child want to major in graphic design.... 


it's insane!



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