Tuesday, January 03, 2012

13 years?

Dear Endy,
Today (i meant yesterday) i went out with one of my old friend from my primary school. His name is Izhar. It's been 13 years since we last met. Yes! The last time i meet him was in 1999. We were just a little kid back then. I am very happy to meet him, as we used to have such a great childhood together. We talk a lot. Reminiscing memories of our school days, our dearest friends and our moment together as kids. 

First, we meet up at KLCC around 12.30p.m., had lunch at Pepper Lunch, and of course, start talking about everything. Seriously, i had a great time. It's been a while since I am this happy. It's very refreshing to meet old friends and talk bout beautiful memories. Then, we went out to the park and walk around this we got exhausted and settle down on a bench under a nice shade of tree. There, again, we continue chatting our heart out, also bout memories. Seriously, i miss primary school. I miss being that little devil i used to be. I was such a happy kid back then. 

Then, Izhar suggested that we go for shisha session. So, he brought me to an arabic restaurant somewhere in KL (seriously can't recall where, I'm always lost in KL), and we get ourselves a pot of mint tea. At this point, i remembered my ex, who loves that tea. Again, we sat down and continue our story. Brought up lots of issue. Talk bout our schoolmates. Chat randomly and basically bout our current life. He told me that I changed a lot. LOL. I guess it's called growing up, my friend.

Next, we went for movie. Went to Pavilion and there's like a gazilion people there. Oh ya, note to all my readers, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH 11.11.11 because it is a nonsense movie. I actually feel sleepy watching that movie! BORING! Okay before i start blabbering on the movie, I better keep on track. My story is about my old friend, not that damn movie! LOL. We finally feel tired and decided to go back when the time hits 8.30p.m.!

Well, honestly, I really enjoy myself today. I've never been this happy for such a long time. Meeting Izhar after 13 years, really brings back such jolly memories. I love my school, and I love all of my friend. There's nothing that could replace a true friend. 


Dear Izhar,
Thank you very much for such a lovely day. I would like to answer your question actually. You asked me either you've change. Yes, you do not change much as a person. I could still see the same boy i used to know 13 years ago. But, i guess your parents had done an excellent job of raising you into a gentleman. Yes, indeed you are. You used to tease me to the max during school, pulled my hair, kick my chair and yada yada yada. Today, I could see that the boy i used to know is no longer there. That boy who used to bully me actually opens the door for me, letting me go through the door first, and that boy is also concern bout what i think of him (yes i told you today that i don't judge, but i observe). You did apologize for your jokes, worrying that i will take it personally. Well, you don't have to worry bout me. I'm still the same Tasha you used to know. Just that I now wear 3 inch makeups and heels. LOL. Deep inside me, I am still the same Tasha. 

To be honest, I like talking to you. Sharing our point of view over life and society. Sharing our experience with jobs and workplace. Sharing just anything that came across our mind. It's seriously splendid to talk to someone who actually understand the value of quality talk. I've notice that you're very wise now. I can see that you think before you speak. I can sense that you analyze things surrounding you. That's actually a very healthy habit. I hope I didn't bore you with my stories and blabbering. I'm always a chatterbox when I'm in a comfort zone. Also, I would like to apologize if I've said something inappropriate, makes lame jokes, being to sarcastic and cynical and maybe being shallow in some point of view. But yeah, that's me. 

Nevertheless, I would like to convey my highest appreciation for being such a great company today. Seriously, i had fun. I hope that you have fun too. I'm so flattered to meet you today. I hope we'll keep in touch and stay friends forever. 


Alright, I'm exhausted. Gotta get my arse into bed. Nite!

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