Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freaking Update!

Ok guys, sorry for the freaking long hiatus. i freaking forget my password.

I'm in KL and i didnt bring my laptop. Obviously i'm so pampered with Chrome saved password features that i forgot my password totally.

Some shits that i gotta tell you guys:

  • i broke up with Jack on New Year's eve.
  • i'm a registered student of Bachelor of Design (hons) in Visual Communication.
  • i'm currently with someone new, and i think he takes care of me excellently.
  • i'm starting to feel that my life gonna be great after this.
  • i don't care bout anything else, my future is my everything.
  • i need to go SHOPPING for Chinese New Year.
  • i will be back in penang by weekends.
  • i miss my babes, all of them.

till then...


I'm so freaking back,
Tasha Leow


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