Thursday, February 18, 2010

i miss this people...

from left: mohammed, jabir a.k.a. Mr. 7 inches, matthew, nicholas, stanley!

oh yes, i miss them a lot. the king of bullshit. trust me, you'll never find any further bullshitting friend other than this people! lol. mohammed is in Subang, Jabir in Bukit Jalil, Nick is in Perth and Stanley is M.I.A.!

this picture was taken last 2 years in Asia Cafe. yeah, we love it there. loving the food, loving the chicks, and loving the pool table. esp me and Nick! lol. we could spend hours there, playing pool, and cursing each other.

i dont know why, i really miss those moment. my moment as a student. damn, cant wait to be a student once again!

whatever it is.... i miss this people! damn!

and of course... i miss this one the most....

miss u B!


Aiza J said...

ceyy...tasha letak gmbaq ngn marka.. B plak tuhhhh.. ceyyyceyyy (ayat dengki)

Natasha said...

cewah... ang bubuh takpa... aku setahun sekali nak bubuh pun angpa dah bising!


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