Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 blog to be launch by December

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well, here i am again. sitting down and writing to you once again. i'm kinda proud of myself because i actually manage to urge myself to write. i wanna write like before. i want us like we used to be. i really wanna spend more time writing to you. i miss the memories of writing to you.

well, as i promise last time, i will talk on 4 things with you. just wanna announce to everybody that i'm officially a student once again. i manage to balance my financial status. haha... so proud of myself for getting 100k! muahahha... so, i went to Raffles last saturday to discuss on my degree programme there. they say i could apply for exemption up to 1.5 year. so, it means that i can finish my degree in 1.5 year. however, i do need to prepare a fantastic eye capturing Flash animation on my portfolio. they question is, HOW? do i have time for it? phew... anyone with a big heart who wish to help? well, i havent check out The One Academy(TOA) yet. maybe i'll go by 19th this month since i'm off on that day. other than that, i also have to put KLMU in my schedule. i'm planning to do my part-time studies there since they have night class. it'll be convenient for me because both Raffles and KLMU situated in KL area. if i choose TOA, it'll disaster of 1.5 year for me! i'm thinking of moving to Ampang, but.... HELL i hate that place! what does A.M.P.A.N.G. spells out for you? well, for me, it spells JAMMED! PACKED! NOISE! which i hate the most. for now, i'm comfortable with Sunway. love this place! anyway, that's out of the matter now. for me, the most important thing is to graduate by the year of 2010 as a Bachelor student! i cant wait to start a whole new journey of my life. i could proudly pronounce to people that i'm a degree student! seriously can't wait, Endy!

my parents came to KL last saturday and i spent the whole weekend with them. i had a wonderful weekend because i'm too happy to learn that i actually gonna do my degree! pheww.... i was the driver of the weekend. i drove them all over KL and Selangor. we were finding address to few places! mama, mama, you always try your best to make myself miserable. anyway... it was all worth it because my mama bought for me lots of stuff... i told her i like on Nike sport shoes, but she says Nike is commonly wear by all. so, the two of us went to Sunway Pyramid to hunt for shoes. as i expect, she rejected the Nike shoes. so, we went to some other shop. i finally bought it from Puma, which is so cute! haha... she bought the super comfortable Hawkeye pair of shoe for me too! i picked another Everlast shoe for everyday wear. the best thing bout this three shoes..... IT'S TOTALLY PAID BY MY MOM! hahaha... i bought few shirt from my mom's fav shop, Dorothy Perkin. actually it's not really my kinda stuff, but hey, no hassle in having some other stuff in my wardrobe. haha... well, some other random stuff that i bought is as usual, pants, shorts, shirts... i dont wanna waste my time elaborating it... opps... i guess i did it just now, didnt i? sorry! hahahaha.... i'm just so happy going out with my parents...

oh ya... another thing to tell you is my 7th-month-anniversary is coming soon. as soon as this saturday. well, nothing special and nothing fancy to celebrate it. we usually spend some time together and confess our feeling towards each other. not only those beautiful feeling, but also all those UNsatisfaction on each others attitude and such. well, me and Medo is having a very straight-forward relationship. you dont like it, you spit it! we're that kinda people. so, every month pass by, i could see a clearer path between us. but, i'm still being aware that there's a 30% possibility that we will be separated. for now, i'm holding on to a quote, saying, "Nothing last forever". well, we shall see what's gonna happen next. but this time, i'm stronger to fight my own feeling. if anything ever happen, i think i could manage to control myself. hehe... WTF am i thinking of all this? b... dont be upset ok? i know u know me very well... anyway Endy... i'll post our anniversary card that i printed the other day. created using vector... see, see!!!! i've told ya i'm addicted to vector!

phew... berd just give me edapharm website to be adjusted here and there. i hate edapharm! and i totally hate joomla. i forced myself to learn joomla when i started working here. i wish i dont need to learn it!!!

anyway, i posted this blog because i wanna tell you that i'm gonna post another blog managed by few fellow. one is penang group blog and another one in sunway group. i'm still working on the layout, content and author. hopefully the blog will be up soon. i'm just a bit tight-up right here. this blog is actually my dream.... to gather people that i love to blog with me!

Endy, gtg... boss gave me work!

Unwilling Graphic Designer

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