Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Time: 11.00 p.m.
Venue: Whatever..
Mood: anything...

Can I please have a room for myself? sometimes i feel like i'm losing myself. Do i even love myself that much, i mean, as much as i used to adore myself?? I'm tired Endy. i'm really tired. sometimes, when i have free time, i just wanna sit and do nothing but chill. maybe with a book in my hand to read slowly until i fall asleep or simple a movie that i watch until i got sick of it? all i want is some time to rest. i'm not complaining, just hoping that people will understand. doesnt it shows in my face that im tired? well, when i think about it back, when is the last time i ever think about something? all i do everyday is work, eat, sleep, and again, work. where's the time where i used to pamper myself? i just wish i could have that moment again.the moment where i could surf the net as long as i want and fall asleep in front of computer just to woke up and go surfing again. or maybe read the same book again and again to get what the author trying to present. or maybe just chat with few friends. OMG. then to think about it again, it's been like ages since i last join a conference. serious, i dont know how to manage my time anymore. i tried my best to not be tired. but im just tired. TIRED. TIRED. is it wrong to be tired? No! waking up at 8.30 just to go work and come back at 6.30 just to get stuck in 1 hour or bad traffic!

im not only tired, but im also stress. im trying my best here to please everyone. but sometimes, those words just hurt me. i look like im the one who doesnt care. i look like i'm evil ignoring everyone. but does anyone understand me, that i needed some rest? does anyone?

Till then....



Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Hi Natasha,

Pls get a good rest and deep sleep.

Natasha said...

thanks... i noticed that u always read my blog... anything catch your interest here?


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